Part of a generation that's defining what "liberty and justice for all" will actually look like, M.Tornato nurtures just one obsession: to aggressively combat feelings of vulnerability and exclusion amongst those who have been disenfranchised for far too long. 

This passion shaped his luxury label created in 2016, M.Tornato. Since its creation, M.Tornato has been infusing seasonal handmade garments with contagious hope through garment silhouettes that amplify the inspiring confidence of the people they are made for. Each collection strives to restore men's feelings of strength and power with the clothing that allows them to conquer the everyday. 


Born in 1993 in Louisville, Kentucky to first generation Hispanic immigrants (Dominican Republic and Argentina), and raised in Boston, MA Michael Tornato was exposed to a different type of upbringing than the majority of his peers. He quickly discovered that to successfully coexist within his three cultures he needed to negotiate competing ideas among his Dominican-Argentinian-American cultures. Simple American ideas such as "Follow your dreams," became more nuanced over time as this abstraction presumes freedom and opportunity, two complex and contested illusory components for People Of Color (POC). However, Michael did just that, he followed his dreams in fashion design.

Michael Tornato has molded his aesthetic sensibilities and skill set throughout his formative years working for established menswear designers and accomplished business owners in the world of fashion. Years of preparation led Michael to start his own namesake menswear label. 


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